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Welcome to the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment

The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment, created in 1989 by the governments of Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, New Hampshire and Nova Scotia, works to foster environmental health and community well-being throughout the Gulf watershed.

Learn more about the natural and cultural resource treasures of the Gulf of Maine through photographs and narrative from the voice (perspective) of a Councilor.

Volunteer and funding support from many partners makes the Council’s work possible.

Our Mission

The mission of the Gulf of Maine Council is to maintain and enhance environmental quality in the Gulf of Maine to allow for sustainable resource use by existing and future generations.

Gulf of Maine Council 2018 – 2022 Framework for Action

Our Work

25 Years of Commitment to the Health and Sustainability of the Gulf of Maine Region

An amazing array of marine life and birds—at least 3,300 species—depend on the Gulf. Coastal marshes and estuaries serve as nurseries for young fish, crabs, shrimp, and shellfish. Abundant microbes and plankton form the base of a food web that extends up to seals and whales.

During my first chef job at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on appledore Island, I fell in love with the Gulf of Maine—not just the breathtaking seascape but the whole biological system. Cutting open a 30-pound cod, I found it full of baby lobsters, stacked up all facing the same direction. You could see the community interactions in the Gulf: those became an object of fascination that I still feel. How do we connect the dots and keep that community thriving?
Sam HaywarD, Executive Chef and Co-owner,
Fore Street Restaurant, Portland, Maine

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Council Quick Links

Climate Dashboard Offers Recent and Real-Time Data

The Gulf of Maine Council GeoTour

ESIP video on Change in the Gulf of Maine

Twenty-five Years of Collaboration and Information-sharing

Over the past quarter-century, the Gulf of Maine Council has strengthened alliances among those who share its vision for a healthy and vital region. It fosters this synergy by sharing stories of success, and by offering annual Gulf ocean health and of Maine awards. The Council has honored more than 200 individuals, organizations and businesses for their exceptional education commitment to sustain the Gulf watershed. [ Click here for more ]