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Sewage & Wastewater

The public’s awareness of wastewater management often stops with the toilet handle—we flush, and it’s gone. Those with domestic onsite septic tanks may also have an unpleasant reminder every few years when they need a visit from the “honeywagon” to pump out their system, but for people served by centralized systems, sewage management is rarely on their minds. It’s just not something we like to think about. Yet the planning, engineering, infrastructure, and money required in managing sewage and wastewater are some of the biggest challenges faced by municipalities. Read more

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Gulf of Maine Council’s related activities

  • The Gulf of Maine Council’s Action Plan 2001-2006 contains several objectives for sewage and wastewater management.
  • In 2002, the Council sponsored a regional workshop on sewage management, attended
    by over 100 participants from the U.S. and Canada. Download workshop
    report (pdf)
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