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Climate and Weather in the News

Portland Press Herald, New England States Following a Model Set by Maine to Reduce Ocean Acidity (3/29/15)

Climate Progress, ‘A Harbinger of the Future’: Climate Scientists Respond to Boston’s Record-breaking Snow Season (3/18/15)

Boston Globe, Rising Acid Levels in Oceans Imperil Region’s Shellfish (3/7/2015)

Portland Press Herald, Ocean Scientists Report ‘Unprecedented’ Spike in Sea Level off Portland Several Years Ago (2/26/15)

Boston Herald, Massachusetts May Cut Coastal Building (2/25/15)

National Public Radio, Acidifying Waters are Endangering Your Oysters and Mussels (2/23/15)

Boston Globe, Designs Show How Boston Could Adapt as Sea Levels Rise (2/19/15)

Washington Post, What the Massive Snowfall in Boston Tells Us about Global Warming (2/10/15)

Boston Globe, A Call to Cull Homes Threatened by the Sea (2/8/15)

Portland Press Herald, As Waters Acidify, Maine, Other States Look to Act (1/21/15)

New York Times, 2014 Breaks Heat Record (1/16/15)

New York Times, Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Study Says (1/15/15)

New York Times, Waters Warm and Cod Catch Ebbs in Maine (12/14/14)

Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Visualizing Climate Change (12/8/14)

The Forecaster, USM Students Hope Portland Trail Creates a Wave of Awareness about Sea-level Rise (12/1/14)

Portland Press Herald, Student Art Exhibit along Two Portland Trails Envisions the Effect of Rising Sea Level (11/25/14)

Portland Press Herald, As Climate Changes, Spring’s Early Arrival Alters Gulf of Maine Ecosystem (11/14/14)

New Hampshire Public Radio, ‘Polar Vortex’ Might Be Click-bait, but its Effect on Climate Is Real (11/12/14)

Portland Press Herald, Op-ed: Second Shutdown of Maine Shrimp Season Shows Impact of Climate Change (11/12/14)

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Stock Status Report for Gulf of Maine Northern Shrimp 2014 (10/24/14)

National Public Radio (US), Climate Change Worsens Coastal Floodings from High Tides (10/8/14)

Gloucester Times, ‘King Tide’ Seen as Test For Rising Seas  (10/3/14)

Boston Globe, In Maine, Scientists See Signs of Climate Change (9/21/14)

Boston Globe, Climate Change Concerns Weigh on Cape Home-buying Decisions (9/13/14)

CBC Canada/AP, Gulf of Maine warming faster than 99 percent of world’s oceans: study (9/3/14)

Asbury Park Press, Superstorm Sandy ranks high in disaster report (7/14/14)

MaineBiz, Panel to study impact of ocean acidification (6/30/14)

Portland Press Herald, Maine climate warming up quickly, analysis shows (6/4/14)

Boston Globe, For Northeast, a harsh vision of Climate Change (Boston Globe, 5/7/14)

US National Climate Assessment factsheets for the Northeast States (5/4/14) Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine

Huffington Post, A report on climate change and flooding in the Northeast (4/6/14)

The Daily Climate, AAAS Report warns of potential abrupt and irreversible impacts from climate change, (3/18/14)

Portland Press Herald, Currents Heat Alaska, Chill Maine (3/13/14)

The Guardian, New tool demonstrates effects of erosion, sea-level rise on P.E.I. coast (2/11/14)

Portland Press Herald, Extreme weather plan involves seven US ‘climate hubs’ (2/6/14)

Bangor Daily News, As ocean becomes more acidic, will dead mud consume Maine’s bountiful shellfish flats? (1/13/14)

Associated Press, Scientists: Americans Becoming Weather Wimps (1/9/14)

New York Times, Celebrating Deep Freeze, Insect Experts See a Chance to Kill Off Invasive Species (1/8/14)

New York Times, Panel Says Global Warming Carries Risk of Deep Changes (12/4/13)

Recent Network Activities

2014 GOMC Climate Network report: Climate Adaptation around the Gulf

The Climate Network has a new study on the status and needs of climate adaptation in municipalities bordering the Bay of Fundy. Read more >>

September 2013 International Climate Network Meeting Focuses on Shared Concerns

More than 60 people from around the Gulf of Maine region met to discuss and strategize. Read more >>


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  • Precipitation from extreme events in the GOM region has increased 74 percent since 1958 (NOAA).
  • Extreme weather already poses economic and ecological challenges, and these events are expected to grow more frequent in coming decades, with precipitation increasing 5-9 percent (IPCC 2013).

Credit: Sherry Godlewski

  • By 2050, climate scientists project a more rapid increase of 2.5 to 3.5°C (4.5 to 6.3° F) in regional air temperature (IPCC 2013).
  • Temperatures in the Gulf of Maine have risen much more in recent decades than many other coastal waters around the world, and a 2012 "heat wave" in sea surface temperatures had damaging economic impacts.

Projected Temperature Changes in the Gulf of Maine Region by the 2050s (°C.), reflecting the most recent IPCC models (Credit: Adam Fenech, UPEI Climate Lab)

What’s Climate Change and What’s Just the Weather?

This one-minute animation by Ole Christoffer Haga, produced by Teddy TV for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, clearly and humorously illustrates the difference between long-term climate trends and variable weather patterns.