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Climate Change Subcommittee

Membership of the Climate Change Subcommittee
Membership list of the climate change subcommittee with affiliations. Revised February 28, 2014

Climate Change Reference Documents

Summaries of Climate Change Conference Calls

Items to Revisit for Climate Change Subcommittee
Per the 10/16/07 conference call, the subcommittee decided there should be a list of items that they might want to revisit.

Prior Climate Change Matrix
Climate Change Matrix that have previously been discussed and associated comments.
Indicator Matrix for Climate Change Subcommittee-Revised PSR Ver2
Drafted Indicator Matrix for climate change in the Gulf of Maine Ver 2.

Members’ Top Three Potential Indicators
Initiated on the December 12, 2007 Climate Change Conference Call, each subcommittee member is putting forth their opinion on the “top 3” potential climate change indicators.

Long-term Datasets, Revision 1

Sea Level

Terms of Reference and Admin