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Contaminants Subcommittee Members

Membership of the Contaminants Subcommittee, revised November 5, 2013

Chairs: Peter Wells (Dalhousie/Acadia University) and Adria Elskus (USGS/U Maine)


Shannon Bard – Dalhousie
Warren Boothman – US Environmental Protection Agency
Todd Callaghan – Massachusetts Office Coastal Zone Management
Jawed Hameedi – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Gareth Harding – Bedford Institute of Oceangraphy
Jocelyne Hellou – Bedford Institute of Oceangraphy
Steve Jones – University of New Hampshire
Matt Liebman – US Environmental Protection Agency
Wendy Leo – Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
David Page – Bowdoin College
Jack Pearce – Buzzard Bay Marine Lab
Alison Rogers – Environmental Protection Agency
Jack Schwartz – Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries
Susan Shaw – Marine Environmental Research Institute
Charles Strobel – US Environmental Protection Agency
Marilyn ten Brink – US Environmental Protection Agency
John Wise – University of Southern Maine