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Eutrophication Subcommittee

Eutrophication Subcommittee Terms of Reference
Terms of Reference for the Eutrophication Subcommittee as modified August 2008.

Membership List for Eutrophication Subcommittee
Updated: November 25, 2013

Conference Call Summaries

Indicator Steps Eutrophication Subcommittee
Drafted steps for determining 2-3 priority indicators for eutrophication in the Gulf of Maine.

Updated – Eutrophication Matrix as of February 2008

Eutrophication Conference Calls

Old versions of documents
Observable only to Christine and ESIP chairs.

Initial files for Matrix Discussion (includes P-S-R)

Bricker report 2006

Eutrophication Data Discovery

Nitrogen Loading Methodology Effort

Watershed Info

Eutro Fact Sheet