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EcoSystem Indicator Partnership App Development Request for Qualifications
May 12, 2015

The EcoSystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP) was established by the Gulf of Maine Council (GOMC) to help coastal managers and decision-makers assess the health of the Gulf of Maine through the use of indicators. ESIP is embarking on a new project to engage citizen scientists from the Gulf of Maine by developing a smart phone application (App) designed to both provide scientific information about the health of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and encourage their input to help monitor and track changes. They are seeking an App developer to create an easy to use and visually appealing app. It would need to be designed to function on multiple platforms and require minimal updating/maintenance. For more information please review the Request for Qualifications announcement.

GOMC-RFQ-ESIP-ICUC-version-5-Final.PDF (PDF, <1 MB)
GOMC-RFQ-ESIP-ICUC-version-5-Final.docx (DOC, <1 MB)

Gulf of Maine Council’s 25th AnniversaryJune 15, 2014

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Gulf of Maine Council, and its unique role enabling cross-border cooperation and knowledge sharing in the Gulf of Maine region. Click here for the Council’s 25th anniversary page, including a downloadable version of the anniversary brochure.

Gulf of Maine Council Session at Coastal Zone Canada (CZC) June 15, 2014

Coastal Zone Canada Conference is in Halifax, June 15 – 19, and Gulf of Maine Council will be holding a special session on the health and long-term sustainability of the Gulf. Click here for the session’s abstract. (DOCX, 30 KB)



ESIP releases an exciting smartphone app: ICUC

The EcoSystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP) released a smartphone app, available for iOS and Android. [ Click here for more ]