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The Gulf of Maine Council serves as a steward of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, serving as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information to enhance and safeguard natural resources and the wellbeing of communities who depend on them.   To help fulfill these goals, the Council members include representatives of US and Canadian state, provincial and federal governments as well as representatives from various nonprofit organizations who work closely with the communities within the Gulf of Maine watershed.  The Council has developed a close partnership with several nonprofit, academic and scientific entities building close collaboration to implement its Action Plan.

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ESIP video on Change in the Gulf of Maine

Twenty-five Years of Collaboration and Information-sharing

Over the past quarter-century, the Gulf of Maine Council has strengthened alliances among those who share its vision for a healthy and vital region. It fosters this synergy by sharing stories of success, and by offering annual Gulf ocean health and of Maine awards. The Council has honored more than 200 individuals, organizations and businesses for their exceptional education commitment to sustain the Gulf watershed. [ Click here for more ]