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EcoSystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP)

ESIP is developing indicators for the Gulf of Maine and integrating regional data for a new Web-based reporting system for marine ecosystem monitoring.
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Climate Network

The Climate Network brings together planners and scientists from around the Gulf of Maine to raise awareness about climate impacts and inspire effective action in local communities.
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State of the Gulf of Maine

The State of the Gulf of Maine Report is a modular, living document made up of a context document and a series of theme or issue papers.
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Habitat Restoration

Since 2002, GOMC’s Habitat Restoration Program has contributed grant funding and technical assistance to 120 projects in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Our projects seek to reverse impacts to impaired coastal wetlands and streams so they can once again function as ecologically diverse and economically supportive natural systems.
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Gulfwatch Contaminant Monitoring

Since 1993, Gulfwatch has measured contaminants in blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) to assess the types and concentration of contaminants in coastal waters of the Gulf of Maine. It is one of the few monitoring programs and the only one in the Gulf of Maine to be coordinated across international borders.
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Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) is about proper use and management of ocean and coastal spaces based on publically agreed upon goals and objectives. It is about ensuring that marine uses are compatible and occur in areas where environmental effects are avoided or minimized.
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ESIP releases an exciting smartphone app: ICUC

The EcoSystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP) released a smartphone app, available for iOS and Android. [ Click here for more ]