Climate change remedies need people participation

April 30, 2013

Planners are busy all around the Gulf of Maine region working out adaptation and mitigation strategies to protect public infrastructure, private homes and the environment in advance of sea level rise and predicted storm surges. But the planners are the first to admit that their plans won’t amount to much without the participation and cooperation of residents.

This issue of the Gulf of Maine Times continues our efforts to highlight various aspects of the climate change issue, by showing some of the efforts being made to involve and engage the public in adaptation and mitigation strategies so the plans will reach fruition.

We have included a thoughtful essay written by Tom Groening about the economic challenges facing Penobscot Bay. The essay appeared in the recent issue of Working Waterfront, a monthly coastal newspaper published by Maine’s Island Institute, of which he is editor.

Also in this edition, Lee Bumsted reviews a book, “Ocean of Life” by Callum Roberts. It’s a cautionary tale about what the depletion of the fish in the sea means to the world and its inhabitants.

Thank you.

Nancy Griffin, Editor



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