Workshop on Reconciling Spatial Scales and Stock Structures for Fisheries Science and Management

February 16, 2011

Monday and Tuesday June 27-28

In light of emerging stock structure paradigms, a public workshop will be convened in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to explore how fisheries management can better integrate data on finer-scale stock structure and ecological processes in achieving optimum sustainability of fishery resources.

Potential costs and benefits of incorporating increasingly finer-scale stock structure into fishery management will be identified.

Specific questions to be addressed include:

• What do we know and what progress has been made?
dentify evidence of spatial scale structure of populations and ecosystems, and provide examples where such spatial scales have been successfully incorporated within a management context.

• What do we need to know and how will we get there?
Identify critical information, processes, and scientific and managerial requirements needed to achieve fisheries management at appropriate ecological scales.

• What are the social incentives, benefits, and risks of alternative management scales?
Given fine-scale stock structure patterns, what types of fisheries management approaches will maximize our knowledge about ecosystem structure and function? Specifically consider consequences of management units that are too large vs. those that are too small. Identify the potential impacts on access and utilization of catch allocations by the fishing community.

Workshop Format: The workshop will be organized to focus on the above questions. Three keynote speakers will be asked to focus on one of the three key questions. Following each keynote speaker, there will be talks and discussion specific to the given question. Depending on the level of response to the forthcoming Call for Contributions, a poster session is being planned.

Organizing Committee:
Mike Armstrong, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Steve Cadrin, University of Massachusetts
Aaron Dority, Penobscot East Resource Center
Rachel Feeney, Northeast Consortium, Committee Co-Chair
Jake Kritzer, Environmental Defense Fund
Ken La Valley, New Hampshire Sea Grant, Committee Co-Chair
Fred Serchuk, NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Bob Steneck, University of Maine
Melissa Vasquez, NOAA Fisheries Northeast Regional Office
Jim Wilson, University of Maine

The workshop will be held Monday and Tuesday June 27-28, 2011 at the
Sheraton Harborside Hotel, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Agenda, Registration and Call for Contributions information available at

Environmental Defense Fund
New England Fishery Management Council
New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
New Hampshire Sea Grant
Northeast Consortium
The Nature Conservancy

For More Information:
Rachel Feeney, NEC

Ken La Valley, NHSG



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