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Promoting cooperation to maintain and
enhance environmental quality
Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment/ NOAA Habitat Restoration Partnership

Habitat Restoration Grants Program • 2012

Online Applications
Submissions accepted February 1 - 29, 2012

Consideration Before Using this Site

  • Applications will not be accepted after February 29th
  • You will need to login to the site to submit your application
  • Your web browser will need JavaScript enabled to use this site
  • Your web browser needs to be configured to accept cookies
  • A contemporary web browser is recommended: Internet Explorer 7, 8 or better, Firefox 2, 3 or better, or Safari 3, 4 or better
  • A broadband (cable, DSL, T1) connection isn't required, but be aware that uploading files will take more time over a dial-up Internet connection
  • If you have trouble, email for assistance

Using the 2012 RFP Document to Complete Your Application Template

  1. Open your GOMC-NOAA Habitat Restoration Grant Program RFP and save it to your computer files using the following file name convention: Project Name-Project Applicant. Please be descriptive in naming the project. For instance, if you are applying for funding to support only a feasibility study for dam removal on the Muddy River, name the project “Muddy River Dam Removal Feasibility Study,” as opposed to “Muddy River Restoration.”
  2. Delete the first five pages of the RFP text that precede the Application Template portion.
  3. Complete the text portion of the Application Template without changing the format or numbering of questions. The combined length of Parts I and II of the Application should not exceed 8 pages and will frequently be less.
  4. Insert all relevant materials for Template Parts V to VII (e.g. map, site photos, letters of support, other materials). Note that file size of the final version of your competed Application should not exceed 6 MB. To achieve that, you may need to reduce the file sizes of individual materials (e.g. scanned letters, photos, etc...) before inserting them into your Application Template.
  5. Save the final version of your completed Application Template to your computer as a PDF file.

Uploading Your Application PDF File

  1. After using the “Upload Your Application” link below, you will enter applicant information and projected amounts of habitat restored if the overall project is intended to result in a physical restoration phase either during or after the GOMC-NOAA project for which funding is being sought.
  2. After #1, above, you will be asked to upload the single PDF file of your completed Application Template. You will receive an email confirming a successfully uploaded Application. The entire process is designed to take only a few minutes and is completed during a single online session.
  3. If you wish to upload an updated version of your application PDF file before the deadline, that’s no problem, but you must start the process over again.

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