Special Collections

The KB Catalogue includes several Special Collections. Each Collection consists of documents & data sets focusing on a specific topic or geographic area within the Gulf of Maine region.

Special Collections include a series of focused searches that display information on individual sub-topics — for example, water quality in Maine lakes, birds of Boston Harbor Islands, etc. (Note: each document & data set in these collections is also accessible through KB’s Quick & Advanced Searches.)

Some of these Special Collections exist as KB Partner Websites — sites that feature their own content but use the KB Catalogue to store and retrieve documents & sdata sets. Other Collections are displayed only from this KB page. [ More about Special Collections ]

Lakes of Maine
Water quality, fisheries & other information about Maine lakes. [ Go to site ]
Bear Brook Watershed Management (University of Maine)
Internationally recognized contributions to understanding the effects of elevated nitrogen and sulfur deposition on forested watersheds through whole-ecosystem experimental manipulations. [ Go to site ]
Boston Harbor Islands
Information on the 30 islands in this National Recreation Area. [ Go to site ]
Freshwater Biodiversity in Maine
Species Mapper, documents & data sets for Maine's aquatic plant and animal communities. Data compilations are based on the Maine Aquatic Biodiversity Project.

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Vascular Plants





Species Checklists

Data Sets
Diadromous Species Restoration Research Network
The web site for the Diadromous Species Restoration Research Network — an NFS-funded Research Coordination Network.

Click the icon for DSRRN's Natural Variability records in KB:
Natural Variability

[ Go to site ]
Penobscot Basin Library
A collection of ~ 1000 documents related to the Penobscot watershed. Compiled in 2008. Contact for more information. [ Click to open ]
Urban Streams
Documents, data sets & organizations focusing on urban stream issues in Maine. [ Go to site ]