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Title: Bear Brook watershed in Maine (BBWM): Stream and precipitation chemistry
Data Provider: Fernandez, I.J., S. Nelson, S.A. Norton, C. Spencer, L.E. Rustad, K. Simon, J.S. Kahl, G.B. Wiersma
Data Years: 1988-2013
KB Upload: 2015
Publisher: University of Maine, Orono, Maine

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Monthly fluxes were calculated from weekly to biweekly plus event-based streamwater concentrations and hourly stream discharge. The BBWM research program is centered on two small first-order adjacent forested stream watersheds in eastern Maine.  The research was begun in the mid-1980s as part of the national agenda of research to determine the effects of acid deposition on surface waters and their related watersheds.  Since then, the BBWM program of research has grown to encompass an array of scientific objectives that include acid deposition, climate change and carbon sequestration, nitrogen saturation, base cation depletion, and studies of the evolution of watershed biogeochemistry under prolonged experimental acidification.  The primary principal investigators for this research are faculty at the University of Maine, with strong collaborations with the USDA Forest Service and the US Geological Survey.  However, many other scientists and students from other institutions have and continue to work at BBWM. Research at the BBWM site is internationally recognized for its contributions to understanding the effects of elevated nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) deposition on forested watersheds through whole-ecosystem experimental manipulations.

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Core Keywords: Acidification // Air - deposition quality // Alkalinity - ANC // Aluminum // Assessment - evaluation // Biogeochemistry // Carbon // Discharge // Geochemistry // Hydrology // Major ions // Nitrogen // Nutrients // River-Stream // Salinity // Sulfur // Terrestrial // Water quality - quantity // pH
Additional Keywords: Chloride; dissolved organic carbon; calcium; magnesium; potassium; aluminum; ammonium; silica; chloride; nitrate; sulfate;
States/Provinces: ME
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