Inventory of intertidal habitats: Boston Harbor Islands, a national park area

Grasslands management plan, World's End, Hingham Massachusetts

Coastal breeding bird monitoring protocol for Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. 2011 revision.

Boston Harbor Islands coastal breeding bird monitoring: 2008 field season summary

Foraging ecology and interactions between herring gulls and greater black-backed gulls in New England

Combined work/qualtiy assurance project plan for water quality monitoring and combined sewer overflow receiving water monitoring in Boston Harbor and its tributary rivers 2000

Influence of land use and site characteristics on invasive plant abundance in Quinebaug Highlands of southern New Englad

Boat wake impacts and their role in shore erosion processes, Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area

Windows of opportunity: historical and ecological controls on Berberis thunbergii invasions

Carabid beetle diversity and distribution in Boston Harbor Islands national park area (Coleoptera, Carabidae)