Lake fish surveys (Maine): 1938-1944
Cooper, G.; J. Fuller

G. Cooper and colleagues conducted detailed lake surveys of Maine lakes in the 1930s and 1940s. In addition to species lists, the fisheries data include relative abundance, food habits and age-growth. Other data generated [...] [ click to read more ]

A biological survey of lakes and ponds of the central coast area of Maine
Cooper, Gerald
The report provides information from a detailed survey of fish, water quality and other limnological parameters in mid-coast Maine lakes.

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To view an interactive MAP of all lakes sampled [...] [ click to read more ]

Audubon Loon Counts: Maine
Maine Audubon

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 (Note: If your screen displays the file "AudubonLoonCounts_Maine.zipx, please ignore this file - it is an old version of the data)

The data reported here are [...] [ click to read more ]

Lake fish of Maine
Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

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This data set contains lists of fish species in Maine lakes and are derived from MDIFW's lake survey database (2007 update). The database contains a listing of all fish [...] [ click to read more ]

Lake associations & environmental organizations in Maine
Maine Lake Monitoring Program

This file contains a list of lake associations and conservation / environmental organizations that work, in some capacity, with lakes in Maine.  The data include the MIDAS codes and names of lakes present in the [...] [ click to read more ]

Lake fish of Maine: Google Earth map
Vaux, P. (compiler). Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (data source)

The map displays surveyed lakes, list of fish species at each lake and fishery management type (as designated by MDIFW).

Data may be viewed in this Google Earth file: Lake_fish.kmz.

Lists of fish species in Maine [...] [ click to read more ]