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Promoting cooperation to maintain and
enhance environmental quality
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About the Gulf of Maine Council
on the Marine Environment

The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment was established in 1989 by the Governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to foster cooperative actions within the Gulf watershed. Its mission is to maintain and enhance environmental quality in the Gulf of Maine to allow for sustainable resource use by existing and future generations.

Action Plan 2012-2017

About the Council

Climate Network

CNThe Climate Network brings together planners and scientists from around the Gulf of Maine to raise awareness about climate impacts and inspire effective action in local communities — where residents experience first-hand the effects of changing conditions. The Network takes a collaborative and regional approach, engaging participants across borders to address shared concerns—such as sea-level rise, extreme weather events and ocean acidification.

Habitat Restoration Web Portal

HRP Resources for planning and implementing habitat restoration projects in the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. Mapping tools. Restoration project summaries.

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EcoSystem Indicator Partnership (ESIP)

Interactive map showing the data for aquatic habitat, climate change, coastal development, contaminants, eutrophication, fisheries, and aquaculture indicators

State of the Gulf of Maine Report

State of the Gulf of Maine Report State of the Gulf of Maine Report is an evolving document made up of theme papers providing an in-depth look at important issues within the Gulf, based on priority areas identified by the Council. Papers will be developed and updated at regular intervals appropriate to each issue.

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Community of Practice Forum

Community of Practice Forum

An online community enabling the region's indicator and monitoring program staff to interact, learn together, and build relationships, to develop a sense of belonging and mutual commitment. Through this forum people get help with immediate problems, devise better solutions, and make better decisions.

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Gulfwatch map Measuring contaminants in blue mussels to assess the types and concentration of contaminants in coastal waters of the Gulf of Maine. Interactive map. Downloadable data.
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Gulf of Maine Mapping Initiative (GOMMI)

The Gulf of Maine Mapping Initiative (GOMMI) is a U.S.-Canadian partnership of government and nongovernment organizations to conduct comprehensive seafloor imaging, mapping, and biological and geological surveys.

US Gulf of Maine Habitat Restoration
and Conservation Plan is Released

The Plan, a joint effort that involved numerous state and federal agencies and conservation groups in the three Gulf of Maine states Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine identifies urgent issues of impaired water quality, degraded fish and wildlife habitat, destructive invasive species, and the growing impacts of climate change. It calls for an immediate short-term investment of $3 billion over the first five years to begin implementing solutions. For more information and to download the Plan, see

Regional Habitat Monitoring Data System

RHMDS Web-based system that enables sharing, integration, and use of coastal habitat monitoring data. As a proof of concept, the system has been developed initially with data from a limited number of monitoring sites in salt marshes and seagrass beds.

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