25th Anniversary

25 Years of Action

2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. The Council conducted several activities and events to celebrate achievements and prepare for the next 25 years of action.

Facing Change

Facing Change in the Gulf of Maine Region describes the programs and activities undertaken by the Council to maintain the productivity and resilience of the Gulf Maine ecosystem and the human communities that depend on it. It challenges us all to take action.

Celebrating Achievement, Preparing for Future Challenge

The Council hosted two events in conjunction with its June 2014 meeting and the Coastal Zone Canada 2014 conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

  • GOMC hosted a special session on June 17, 2014 at Coastal Zone Canada, “Voices of the Gulf of Maine,” to better understand and learn more about this unique cross-border area. The session focused on the importance of collaboration to sustain the Gulf of Maine’s natural heritage and its use by communities and industries. An abstract of the special session can be found here.
  • GOMC celebrated the achievements of 17 outstanding individuals and organizations from Canada and the US during a special Gulf of Maine Council 25th anniversary reception and awards ceremony on, June 17, 2014 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The reception was held in conjunction with the Coastal Zone Canada poster session at the World Trade and Convention Centre (WTCC).

Video: Learn more about the natural and cultural resource treasures of the Gulf of Maine through photographs and narrative from the voice (perspective) of a Councilor.

This video presentation was part of a special 25th Anniversary session hosted by the Gulf of Maine Council.