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Gulf of Maine Times

Vol. 2, No. 3

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Year of the Ocean materials
Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans is making materials available to help teachers, community groups, and others working on educational and promotional activities for the International Year of the Ocean. Contact Tim Hall via E-mail at or call (902) 426-4116.

Whale help video
A video, Whales and Fishermen: A Plan to Reduce Entanglements, produced by the National Marine Fisheries Service, the New England Aquarium, the Center for Coastal Studies, the Maine Department of Marine Resources, and other state and federal agencies, is available from University of Maine Sea Grant Communications. Call (207) 581-1440.

CEC's "ecoregions"
The Collaboration for Environmental Cooperation's (CEC) publication, Ecological Regions of North America: Toward a Common Perspective, is part of a major regional effort to redraw the North American map in terms of ecosystems and ecological regions instead of political boundaries. The electronic versions of all materials prepared for the publication are available under the "Environmental Conservation" section on the CEC's Internet site.

Sea corals report
The Distribution and Status of Deep Sea Corals off Nova Scotia is a 60-page report summarizing a study conducted to map the distribution of corals fishermen call "trees" on the Scotian Shelf and George's Bank. Contact The Ecology Action Center via E-mail at or by calling (902) 429-2202. There is a charge for this publication.