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Editor's Notes
Enjoying the spring melt

Growing seaweed sustainably
The Gulf of Maine is one of the best spots in the world to grow seaweed

Herring: A small fish that is a big deal
Balancing management regulations with the needs of the fishing industry.

Gulf Voices
A marsh in winter looks deceptively barren, but a host of plants and creatures lie in wait for spring’s light and warmth

Science Insights
Septic systems are gaining respect with new technology to boost performance

special web-only story
Q&A: Cameron Wake
Watching the changes in New England’s climate

Where eagles fly
Monitoring tagged eagles could reveal why river habitat is important

A visitor to the Bay of Fundy yearns to meet whales on their own terms

Marnie Reed Crowell waxes poetic on the spring melt, lichens and nature

Book Review
Atlantic Coast Beaches
explains the tides, creatures and storms that shape and change our beaches

Research Update:
Undersea vehicles use the latest technology to monitor offshore aquaculture pens

In the News

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Winter/Spring 2008 - Calendar

April 30 - May 2

The 2008 National Science Meeting of the Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN) is scheduled for April 30 – May 2 in Gatineau, Québec. Topics include: gaps in biodiversity and climate change research, biodiversity monitoring, and planning and management tools. [more information]

May 11 - 14

Aquaculture Canada 2008, the 25th Annual Meeting of the Aquaculture Association of Canada, is scheduled for May 11-14 in Saint John, New Brunswick. The theme is Growing Quality Seafood through Innovation. [more information]

May 25 - 29

Coastal Zone Canada 2008 is scheduled for May 25-29 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The conference will be preceded by a Youth Forum on May 23-25. The agenda will look at the advances and the setbacks in our understanding and management of coastal and ocean systems, both in Canada and globally. The conference will also establish recommendations and actions for the immediate future and for the next 30 years. [more information]

Gulf of Maine map

Gulf of Maine Action Plan

Gulf of Maine Habitat Primer

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