Participate in the Gulf of Maine Council GeoTour

Before you begin, there are a few things you should know:

  • Protect yourself You may encounter things like poison ivy, briars, ticks, mosquitoes or larger wildlife on your adventure. Weather can also change quickly in the region.
  • Be aware of tides At some of the sites you may visit, tides can and will come in fast and get very high. Always consult tide tables for predicted tide times and heights these sites
  • Be visible Some of the sites you may visit are open to hunting and fishing at certain times of the year. Some sites, such as in federal, state or provincial parks, may also require or suggest that you check in with staff before into the site.
  • Step carefully and leave no trace Some of the sites that you may visit are sensitive or protect important species and their habits. Obey signs and regulations to avoid impacting or damaging these areas.  Always remember to carry out what you have carried in.
  • Have fun!

Here is what you will need:

  1. GPS unit or mobile device with GPS capability.
  2. A copy of the full GOMC GeoTour Passport.
  3. The GPS coordinates for the site(s) that you plan to visit entered into your GPS unit or mobile device.For the sites that use existing geocaches, you can log in to, search the geocode, and automatically download the GPS coordinates to you device.

Here is how to play:

  1. Using the GPS coordinates that you have entered into your GPS or mobile device, find and visit as many of the Gulf of Maine GeoTour geocaches as you can.
  2. Read the question(s) for the site that you are visiting, find the answer(s), and record your answers in the Passport.Each question is worth points that you can accumulate towards a prize.
  3. Once you have accumulated 100 points in the Passport, email a copy of the Passport with your answers to geocache@gulfofmaine.orgDon’t forget to send your mailing address.
  4. Once we have verified your answers, a limited edition Gulf of Maine Council 25thAnniversary Geocoin will be mailed to you*.

Geocoins image

  1. Geocoins will be awarded in the order the Passports are received, while supplies last. The Gulf of Maine Council is not responsible for Passports that are lost. The Gulf of Maine Council reserves the right to limit or revise this offer at any time. Additional terms and condition may apply.
  2. Once you receive a geocoin, activate it. How To Activate My Coin? You can now keep your geocoin as a souvenir of your participation in the Gulf of Maine GeoTour, or you can hide your geocoin in a geocache of your choice and track its travels on as it is found and re-hidden by other geocachers. To track the travels of your geocoin, you will need to become a member of

If you are registered with, don’t forget to log your finds to participate in the broader geocaching adventures.