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Vol. 3, No. 3

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Celebrating the Gulf of Maine in photographs

A Gulf of Maine Times Readers’ Photo Exhibit, as part of the Gulf of Maine Council’s tenth anniversary


Important: Please read this first!

We will not return photos or other materials sent. Therefore, do not send irreplaceable prints, slides, or disks. All photos submitted will become the property of the Gulf of Maine Times for possible future use in the newspa-per, by the Gulf of Maine Council, or by organizations that may borrow photos from the Gulf of Maine Times or the Gulf of Maine Council, for use in their publications, presentations, or exhibits.

Who may enter

Amateur and professional photographers of all ages.
You need not live within the Gulf of Maine watershed.
You may submit only photos that you have taken.


Deadline for submissions is October 29, 1999.
You may submit photos taken at any time.


Photos must have been taken within the Gulf of Maine watershed, and will be selected for the exhibit based on three categories.

Category 1 - Gulf Folks
Images of people living, working, and having fun in the Gulf of Maine.
(See section on "submission forms" for instructions on having subjects sign releases.)
Category 2 - Gulf Creatures
Images of wildlife in the Gulf of Maine.
Category 3 - Gulf Scenes
Images of the Gulf of Maine, from a fog-shrouded fishing fleet, to a lightening storm over a boiling bay.


Submit photos in the following formats:

Black and white or color prints
Black and white or color slides.
Black and white or color images saved on Macintosh disk in JPEG or TIFF format for Macintosh.
For photos submitted on disk, include a hard copy printout of the photo as well.

We cannot accept photos via E-mail or on the Internet.
Do not send photographic negatives.

Labeling photos

Label each photo with:

Your name
Photo number 1-6, (see submission form).

How many photos to enter

Send no more than six photos.
You may divide the six photos however you like over the three categories described above.

Submission forms

We will not consider any photo sent without a completed Gulf of Maine Times Readers’ Photo Exhibit Submission Form.
Include a separate submission form for each photo. Clip and photocopy blank form to make duplicates for multiple submissions.
Have each person(s) recognizable in your photo sign the release included in the submission form for that photo.
You do not need to obtain releases for people appearing in photos of large crowds in public places.
Sign the photographer’s release on each submission form.

Download the form.

Send submissions to:

Suzy Fried, Editor
Gulf of Maine Times
P.O. Box 4524
Salem, MA 01970