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Coastal GeoTools '01 Conference will be held in Charleston, S.C. from January 8 to 11. The conference will highlight ways to integrate geospatial tools and methods with coastal resource management. Topics will include habitat restoration planning, mapping coastal erosion and flooding, and interactive mapping. For information contact Mark Jansen or Steve Meador at (843) 740-1200 or

Marine Aquaculture and the Environment: A Meeting for Stakeholders in the Northeast takes place at the University of Massachusetts Boston, January 11 to 13. Contact Florence Wurtzel at (617) 287-7440 or go to

The XVIIth International Seaweed Symposium at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, will run from January 28 to February 2. For further information about the conference visit, or e-mail

Fractured Rock 2001, an international conference addressing groundwater flow, solute transport, multiphase flow, and remediation in fractured rock, will be held March 26 to 28, at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Canada. For further information contact Alina Martin, SAIC MS R-4-3, 11251 Roger Bacon Dr., Reston, VA 20190; (703) 318-4678; fax (703) 736-0826; e-mail

Oceanology International Americas, April 3 to 5, in Miami, Florida, will bring together industry, science and academics to share and exchange information, plot the future course of research and development for the oceans worldwide, and test and provide information on the latest services. For exhibit and contact information phone Kari Jacobson, (703) 312-9121 or fax to (703) 528-1742.