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Vol. 4, No. 3


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Interesting and useful information about the Gulf of Maine

Our Living Oceans report

The National Marine Fisheries Service has released the latest of its triennial reports on the status of U.S. Fisheries, Our Living Oceans. The document reviews the biological status of important commercial fish stocks around the country, offering trends, statistics and species information by region. Download the PDF version in sections from To order a hard copy contact Mark Chandler at

Ocean tracking system

A new web site using the Oceans Program Activity Tracking system (OPAT) provides geographic updates and facts on activities taking place under the Oceans Programs of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. OPAT contains extensive information on marine protected areas, integrated management and marine environmental quality. Fisheries and Oceans Canada in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada developed the system. To access visit:

N.H. watershed information

Information on the watersheds of coastal New Hampshire is available on the New Hampshire Coastal Program's web site ( Click on the map for information on the Exeter, Lamprey, Oyster, Cocheco and Salmon Falls watersheds.

N.H. river quality 

Through a 1995 cooperative agreement, the Upper Merrimack River Local Advisory Committee formed a volunteer water quality monitoring program. The Upper Merrimack Monitoring Program works with volunteers, schools, local businesses, and government agencies from throughout the region. Participants take water samples at regular intervals along the Upper Merrimack, Pemigewasset, Winnipesaukee and Contoocook rivers, and monitor the quantity and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates as a primary indicator of river conditions. The results are published in State of the Upper Merrimack, 1995-1997: a river quality report. For further information contact Michele L. Tremblay at

Fisheries Management

The Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre and the Conservation Council of New Brunswick in collaboration with the Bay of Fundy Fisheries Council have released Writing the Rules of Ecological Fisheries Management in the Bay of Fundy. The report details a project involving conservationists, community activists and fishers to develop a more ecological approach to fisheries management and its results. Copies are available through the Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre, at (902) 638-3044 or

Watershed map

An 18" X 24" three-color map of the Gulf of Maine watershed (featured on page 12 of the Gulf of Maine Times) is available by calling Andy Cameron, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, (902) 424-0406; Mary Power, New Hampshire Coastal Program, (603) 431-9366; or Paul Dest, Maine Coastal Program/State Planning Office, (207) 287-1486.

Undersea poster

Undersea Landscapes of the Gulf of Maine is an award-winning map and poster that focuses on the landscapes, geology, and biology of the Gulf 
of Maine. Robert Steneck of the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences and Joseph Kelley of the Maine Geological Survey developed the poster's concept and text. Paul Dest of the Maine Coastal Program/State Planning Office coordinated the project. For a copy contact the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, (617) 626-1212; or Mary Power, New Hampshire Coastal Program, (603) 431-9366; (in Canada) Tim Hall at (902) 426-4116; or Andy Cameron, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, (902) 424-0406.