Volume 5, No. 3

Promoting Cooperation to Maintain and Enhance
Environmental Quality in the Gulf of Maine

Fall 2001
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Draining the river dry: Ipswich & Lamprey rivers
A decade of clean water action
Latest right whale efforts
Painting sacred grounds
Canada's best endangered species law
Salmon farmers, environmentalists' accord
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Winter 2001
Fall 2001
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Dam removal kits available

American Rivers and Trout Unlimited have produced Taking a Second Look: Communities and Dam Removal, a 22 minute video designed to increase awareness among local businesses, public officials, dam owners and citizens about the benefits of selective dam removal, featuring case studies in California, Maine and Wisconsin. In addition, a 126-page hand-book, Dam Removal: A Citizen's Guide to Restoring Rivers, offers a step-by-step process for pursuing selective small dam removal as a river restoration tool. To request a copy of the video, contact Trout Unlimited at (608) 250-2757. To order a copy of the handbook, contact the River Alliance of Wisconsin at (608) 257-2424.